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On-line International Conferences on Ancient Mathematics and Science for Computing (AMSCO) is World’s First Online International Conference Series on Ancient Mathematics and Science. The goal of conference series is to bring out the use of modern technology and computing to realize the dimensions of AMSCO. The first conference of this series AMSCO2k16 was successfully completed with a team of enthusiastic young researchers and professional exploring the modern technology to exchange their views on-line. Following its success and encouragement from the participants, we are glad to present Second On-line International Conferences on Ancient Mathematics and Science for Computing (AMSCO2k17), the second conference of this series. Among other objectives of the conference is to provide an opportunity to the young researchers to express their ideas and interact with professionals from interdisciplinary areas through paper presentations. It’s a complete on-line conference i.e. Participants (e.g. author, session chair, speaker, audience, and all) should engage with their system at their destination to enjoy the session. For details, one may visit from our site “how it works”.


The Ancient Mathematics & Science for Computing’ (AMSCO) aims to provide a platform for individuals and teams from academic or industrial backgrounds to gather and share their intellect for application of mathematics and sciences to interdisciplinary work for the betterment of society. The dimensions of the AMSCO i.e. “Old is Gold” as its depth and “Mathematics is the mother of all Sciences” as its breadth are aspired through different academic and research activities. As a part of its activities, AMSCO promotes online conference series and is enthusiastically looking forward to meet researchers from all over the globe. The online conference crosses all hurdles to bring the brain storming sessions to the desk of the participants for knowledge enhancement and insight to new research areas. Drawing on cutting-edge research from both a local and global perspective, AMSCO provides a direct look into the progressive and respected approach within the academic research sector and around the world. The knowledge shared and connections made at AMSCO have the potential to inspire and create positive impact in our society.

Modus Operandi

  • Delegates and invited speakers need to download latest version of Zoom software for laptop or smart phones or tab from following URL
  • Its free version for delegates. GIAP uses its licensed version.
  • After registration, GIAP will share conference password in mail. This password needs to be used to attend the conference. After joining the conference, delegates need to follow instructions given by moderator.
  • Delegates need to use 3G or 4G internet connection or high speed WIFI or broadband connection to join conference.
  • Also it is advisable to use earphone and wired speakers for better audio experience.
  • There should be sufficient light on face to transmit good quality of videos.
  • After joining, delegates should keep themselves on MUTE and avoid any noise from their surroundings. Self mute, camera close, etc facilities are available in software panel.
  • In case of any query use chat option given at the bottom of conference page.


  • Live Video Presentation.
  • International Expert & Judges.
  • Global Platform for Technocrats / Educationists / Professionals and all.
  • International Publication.

How to join online conference on Zoom

Call for Papers

Research papers of the Conference may contain pure, applied, review and project works and many more e.g.

  • Ancient, Modern and Applied Mathematics.
  • Physical, Chemical and Biological Science.
  • Modern topics of Mathematics e.g. Numerical Analysis, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Algorithms, and many more.
  • Application of Mathematics and Science in all Engineering Courses.
  • Computing techniques with all Computational and Simulation Work.
  • Any innovative idea which is fruitful to the society.



Organizing Committee

Shree S. K Sharma, BCET, Durgapur, India
Smt. Rajni Dwivedi, GIAP, Muscat, Oman
Prof. Kusum Deep, IIT, Roorkee, India
General Chair & Convenor
Dr. Om Prakash Dubey, BCET, Durgapur, India
Prof. S. K. Samal, KIIT University, Orrisa, India
Prof. Shailja Shukla, JEC, Jabalpur, India
Joint Secretary
Prof. R. K. Dwivedi, VB University, Hazaribag, India
Prof. S. N. Singh, XISS, Ranchi, India
Liaison Officer
Dr. K. Usha, BCET, Durgapur, India
Organizing Chair
Prof. S. Kumar, BCET, Durgapur, India
Committee Chair
Dr. A. K. Lal, TIET University, Patiala, India
Dr. Sachin Tripathy, IIT (ISM), Dhanbad, India
Dr. B. S. Singh, CIT, Ranchi, India
Dr. P. K. Manoharan, BIT, Mesra, Ranchi, India
Special Session Chair
Prof. R. K. Moudgil, Kurukshetra University, India
Dr. S. S. Thakur, JEC, Jabalpur, India
Dr. Pratibha Tyagi, SLIET, Punjab, India
Dr. Shakti Prasad, NIT, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Best Paper Chair
Prof. Upendra Tripathy, BHU, Varanasi, India
Prof. S. P. Tiwary, IIT (ISM), Dhanbad, India
Prof. D. P. Tripathy NIT, Rourkela, India
Publicity Chair
Mr. Gulbir Singh, BCET, Durgapur, India
Mr. Suraj Kr. Singh, BCP, Durgapur, India

International Advisory

Efrén Mezura-Montes, Ph.D., Artificial Intelligence Research Center, University of Veracruz, MEXICO.
● Prof. G. S. Seth, Department of Mathematics, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, Jharkhand (INDIA).
● Gunther Reißig, Dr., Department of Aerospace Engineering, Institute of Control Engineering, Munich, (GERMANY).
● Prof. Daljit Singh Bawa, Director, Rayat Bahra Group of Institutions, Hoshiarpur Campus, Bohan, Hoshiarpur, Punjab (INDIA).
● Prof. Krishna Dev Kumar, Director, Space Systems Dynamics and Control Laboratory, Ryerson University, Ontario (CANADA).
● Prof. G. N. Singh, Department of Mathematics, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, Jharkhand (INDIA).
● Prof. Atulya K. Nagar, Dean of Faculty of Science, Liverpool Hope University, LIverpool, United Kingdom
● Prof. B. V. Babu, Vice Chancellor, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA).
● Prof. Dr. Torsten Braun, University of Bern, (SWITZERLAND).

Author Guidelines

Papers should be original contributions and must not be under consideration for publication with any other journals at the same time. Full papers must contain the following:

  • Title of the paper
  • Name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s)
  • Abstract (200–250 words) and
  • Keywords (3–5 keywords, organised alphabetically).

The main text must include:

  • An introduction
  • Research problem
  • Review of the relevant literature
  • Methodology
  • data analysis and
  • conclusion

Authors should be willing to supply the reviewers with access to any data, image and calculations they may request during the review process. Papers should be in MS Word file format and submitted electronically to the Editorial Panel.

Authors are fully responsible for obtaining permissions and clearing any copyright issues relating to the content of their submissions. Each submission will be reviewed by two anonymous reviewers with expertise in the relevant field.

Copyright Transfer

Editorial board recommends authors to send only plagiarism free high quality article for publication in GIAP Journals. We have zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism and improper referencing. It is responsibility of respected authors to ensure their article is not infringing copyright of works of other researchers. All authors are requested to download copyright transfer form and mail to us after filling, signing and scanning.

Submit your article through



  • Submitted manuscripts must be the original work of the author(s) and only unpublished manuscripts should be submitted.
  • Any conflict of interest must be clearly stated.
  • The sources of data used in the development of the manuscript must be acknowledged properly.
  • The paper is sent to the author prior to printing. For mistakes in paper the authors will be held responsible.
  • Authors must be noted that all manuscripts will be checked by Plagiarism Scanner Software.


  • That all manuscripts are reviewed in fairness based on the intellectual content of the paper regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, citizenry nor political values of author(s).
  • That any observed conflict of interest during the review process must be communicated to the Editor.
  • That all information pertaining to the manuscript is kept confidential.
  • That any information that may be the reason for the rejection of publication of a manuscript must be communicated to the Editor.


  • That all manuscripts are evaluated in fairness based on the intellectual content of the paper regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, citizenry nor political values of authors.
  • That information pertaining manuscripts are kept confidential.
  • That any observed conflict of interest pertaining manuscripts must be disclosed.
  • The Editorial Board takes responsibility for making publication decisions for submitted manuscripts based on the reviewer’s evaluation of the manuscript.


  • Before and after publication, If any manuscript is found plagiarized, infringing intellectual rights of any author’s work etc it will be removed from journal and author will be blacklisted from our journal system. Also he/she has to bear the legal action started by original author / owner.

Best Paper Award

AMSCO Best Paper Award recipients are selected through a two step process. The first step is a review of the full-length papers accepted for the conference. Review committee members of the conference rank these papers according to quality, relevance and originality, to determine the finalists for each award category. While selection as a finalist for AMSCO Best Paper Award is a notable achievement in itself, winners are then chosen from the finalists, according to the quality of their presentations. Presentation quality is judged according to the juries feedback collected at the conference.

AMSCO2k16 recognises outstanding contributions to research. There are two Best Papers awards. Best Papers are judged both on the merits of the written document and on the quality of their presentation at the conference. The awards serve to acknowledge the authors who receive them as leading researchers in conference theme. The awards also provide an incentive to authors to produce high-quality papers and present them in a lucid and compelling manner.

During AMSCO2k16, following 2 papers were adjudged as Best Papers by jury.



  • All accepted abstracts will be published in Conference Proceedings e-Book bearing ISBN [978-93-83006-14-4] and cross ref doi 10.18510/amsco2k16
  • Full length paper will be published in International, Cross ref, ISSN, peer reviewed journals.


GIAP Journals always welcomes any kind of sponsorship. GIAP believes that it is a great opportunity for sponsors to enhance their visibility and to reach academics, researchers, consultants and members of the business community from around the world. In our 7th online conference, IMSR 2017 we are expecting delegates from around 10 countries. GIAP strongly encourages potential sponsors to participate in IMSR 2017 for the excellent exposure their organisations will receive. The number of contributions necessary to become a sponsor is negotiable.

GIAP offers three different types of sponsoring opportunities as follows:

GOLD Sponsorship

Special Session in Program:

  • A 15-minute special session in front of the full audience to explain your organisation’s unique characteristics.


  • The logo of your organisation will be displayed on all IMSR-2017 websites, newsletters, on the book of Proceedings and certificates.

Press Release:

  • A press release, announcing your participation, will be sent to all IMSR-2017 media and analyst contacts.


  • Presentations will be featured in multiple e-Newsletters distributed to the GIAP Community.

SILVER Sponsorship

Special Session in Program:

  • A 10-minute Technical Partnership presentation focused on corporate technical interests.


  • The logo of your organisation will be displayed on all IMSR-2017 websites, newsletters, on the book of Proceedings.

Press Release:

  • A press release, announcing your participation, will be sent to all IMSR-2017 media and analyst contacts.

BRONZE Sponsorship


  • The logo of your organisation will be displayed on all IMSR-2017 websites, newsletters, on the book of Proceedings.

Press Release:

  • A press release, announcing your participation, will be sent to all IMSR-2017 media and analyst contacts.


  • Presentations will be featured in multiple e-Newsletters distributed to the GIAP Community.


Kindly send your sponsorship proposal to

Registration Fees

To register yourself in the conference, you need to pay the registration fee. The registration fee is due in advance to participate in the conference. Once we received payment authorization then you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.
Participants must register and attend the conference in order to present their accepted papers. Non-presenting co-author who wants to attend the conference should register as attending only participant.
It is not possible to pay the registration fee after the conference. Conference sessions and other conference events are open only to registered participants.
To assure your participation in the conference and inclusion of your paper in the conference proceedings, your registration fee must be paid before the deadline. If your registration will be late, or if you have difficulties making the payments, please contact our office or send us an e-mail at to make suitable arrangements.

Registration Includes

  1. Admission to the conference. One registration fee will allow only one author to participate in the conference.
  2. Attendance at all conference activities.
  3. Present your accepted paper at the conference.
  4. Publication of the paper in online conference proceedings.
  5. Peer reviewing of one paper to be published in special edition of reputed international journal (online version).
  6. Certificate for every presenter and registered co-author.
Fee (USD) Delegates
35 Formal Scripter
30 Researchers Scholars
25 Students
20 Attendee / Audiences
40 Industry Persons
100 Institution / Broadcasting


Debit / Credit Card: Authors having Indian debit/credit card or bank account can pay the fee by using online payment tool at


NEFT transfer in the following account and mail the (scanned) receipt to

Bank Account: Central Bank of India

Account Name: Gyandhara International Academic Publications

Account Number:3221446180

IFSC Code:CBIN0281621

Swift Code (for outside India candidates ONLY): CBININBBOSB

Branch: Juhu Vile Parle (West), Mumbai, 400056, India


Cash Deposit into any branch of Central Bank of India (using above-mentioned details) and mail the scanned receipt with full details of author on


Foreign nationals can pay through their direct bank transfer or the Western Union. Contact us at before using the Western Union or to get assistance in payment.

Quick Connect

  • Dr. Om Prakash Dubey, +919835539729.
  • email:
  • Gulbir Singh, 7076418147, 9719042509.
  • email:
  • Suraj Kumar Singh, 9083819043.
  • email:

Previous Conference

“AMSCO2k16” is the First On-line International Conference on Ancient Mathematics and Science. Here, in the word ‘amsco2k16’, amsco is stand for Ancient Mathematics and Science for Computing and 2k16 for the year 2016. The dimensions of the conference are “Old Is Gold” and “Mathematics is the Mother of All Sciences” adjoin by Computing.
The aim of amsco2k16 is to provide the techniques of ancient mathematics and science through computing to solve maximum problems of the society. Following this theme amsco2k16 bagged high quality of research papers in good numbers, which were published in the form of ‘Proceeding of the Conference AMSCO2K16’. This volume is intended to introduce researchers and technocrats, especially for whose area of interest is digging the innovative, interdisciplinary ideas from ancient knowledge. The technical papers in this proceeding will help in all teaching-learning process and research levels. It also motivates and inspires to work in the field of ancient technology. Using on-line technique, it is possible to reduce expenses and valuable time. Moreover, it is defined as an eco-friendly system, which cares our environment system in many ways.
In the seam of the conference a unique event, “AMSCO Online Global Researcher Meet’ is organized to motivate researchers. It has provided a platform for effective in enhancing our knowledge. These two World Level On-line Events are hosted by ‘Gyandhara International Academic Publication (GIAP), Oman,’ also ‘Global Institute for IT Management, New York, U.S.A.’ provide his loyal support to the Conference and Researcher Meet.
These specific events are the outcome of the joint collaboration between the faculties from reputed institutions like IIT (ISM), Dhanbad; IIT, Roorkee; Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag; Ranchi University, Ranchi; SLIET, Longowal; NIT, Rourkela; BHU, Varanasi; Medicaps University, Indore from India and from abroad Caledonian College of Engineering, Oman; Sohar University, Oman; Aalto University, Finland; University of Veracruz and many more.

Book of Abstact amsco2k16

Submit Article

Papers for submission need to be prepared in the GIAP JOURNALS format using the templates available online. All the submissions need to be processed online using the easychair. Authors of accepted papers will be allowed to resubmit their camera ready papers (in .pdf and .doc form) after incorporating double blind review comments within the stipulated deadline. Authors need to register themselves and present the papers personally.


  • Paper Submission: 14th Octoberber 2017.
  • Notification of Acceptance: With 7 days.
  • Early Bird Registration: 14th October 2017.
  • Camera Ready Paper: 17th October 2017.
  • Conference: 10th – 11th November 2017.